Hi everybody! I am Imre Koszta, 53 years old and married with Maria Koszta. We have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. I am working as a Pastor in the Gippsy mission from 1996 when I have finished the Bibliescool. I am also the founder of the Gippsy churches in Romania, Hungary and in the Ukraine.


New Homes
After a short time we found out that their social and material situation is very very bad and we deceided to make a foundation to help them. Not only spiritualy but also financialy. We have started this work from zero and Praise the Lord, Today we have 72 Gippsy churches. We are working in 17 from this 72 villages with real real poor people.

In the last 20 years we have build, with Holland support, more then 400 new houses in 12 from the 17 places and we like to build now 12 houses after Hans and his team action will end. These 12 family lives in very very bad houses with their children. We have also with holland support agriculture projects in 8 places started and also we like to enlarge the project in 6 New places after the bicycle action will end.

Agriculture project
Because this is very fruitfull project. We give for every family the seeds of the vegetables and corn and potato etc etc and they receive also from the fundation handtools. And in their garden they can have the whole summer everything what they need to make food. Also they can store some for the winter.

Our vision is to do the spiritual work together with the social work! Of course the needs is always more then the possibilities but we do what we can, day by day, year by year is more and more people, familys become helped with real important things.

Some time people from England or from America or Austria found us in the Facebook and they also try to help, but this is not regulary and not for long time because when they see the very bad situation, they think that they are to small to solve this! We know that we are also to small but we know and we belive that we have a big God!!! The Holland supporters are with us from the beginning and we work with some more fundations from holland. But our mother fundation today is Ro-Manna.

We are very very Happy for this New action leaded by my friend Hans. When he told me in october his and his girlfriend ( Mannie ) idea, I was really shocked! What we can do for them? Just to pray that God to protect them in this very long way and we are waiting for them with a big GÚLASH!

We hope that they can do what they have planned and after that is our responsibility to make the houses and the agriculture projects! I will be back again with houndreds photos from the projects day by day after we will start! God bless all the supporters and God bless also the bicycle team!

Love You and waiting for You, with much love, Imre Koszta: the director of the mission

Word from Imre